70-Year-Old Saved 28 Hours After Avalanche in Astor,GB


In the district of Astor, located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, a remarkable rescue mission took place when a 70-year-old individual was saved from beneath the snow nearly 28 hours after a devastating avalanche struck the area. This incident, which occurred in Astor, Gilgit-Baltistan, resulted in the tragic loss of eight lives, including four women from a nomadic tribe.

According to officials, the individuals affected by the avalanche were nomads who were on a journey from Azad Kashmir to Astor. They had set up camp in the region accompanied by their livestock. However, the unexpected natural disaster tragically disrupted their plans.

Information about the rescue operation:

Wazir Asad Ali, the media officer of Rescue 1122 Astor, provided information about the rescue operation. He disclosed that the rescue team successfully rescued three more individuals who were also trapped in the snow. The rescue team promptly transferred these survivors to DHQ Hospital Astor to provide them with medical attention and care.

Among the rescued individuals, the last person to be found alive beneath the snow, approximately 28 hours after the avalanche occurred, was a 70-year-old named Muhammad Hussain. This remarkable rescue mission was a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the rescue team, who worked tirelessly to locate and save those trapped by the avalanche.

Efforts of the Pakistan Army:

Wazir Asad Ali further shared that all three survivors were currently undergoing medical treatment, and their conditions were steadily improving. The rescue operation had successfully concluded, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Pakistan Army, the police, the local administration, and the brave rescue workers who selflessly offered their assistance throughout the rescue and search operation.

This unfortunate incident highlighted an annual pattern observed among the nomadic communities from Azad Kashmir. Every year, these nomads travel to Punjab, accompanied by their livestock, to escape the harsh winter conditions prevalent in the northern regions. Punjab, with its comparatively milder climate, provides a temporary respite from the severe cold. Once the weather in the mountainous areas improves, the nomads return to their ancestral lands, thus continuing their traditional way of life.

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Geographical significance of Shounter Pass:

A resident of Astor, Aqeel Hussain, shed light on the geographical significance of Shounter Pass. Located at the border area of Azad Kashmir, this pass serves as a connection point for the nomadic communities from Punjab. It becomes their temporary dwelling place for several months, as they utilize the surrounding landscapes to graze their livestock. This strategic location allows them to replenish their resources before proceeding with their journey.

The district of Astor in Gilgit-Baltistan witnessed both tragedy and heroism. The successful rescue operation, which saved the life of a 70-year-old individual buried beneath the snow, serves as a testament to the bravery and skill of the rescue team. Despite the loss of eight lives, including members of a nomadic tribe, the community remains resilient, adapting to the challenges imposed by the region’s harsh winters. The collaborative efforts of various entities, including the Pakistan Army, police, local administration, and rescue workers, played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the rescue mission. The nomadic lifestyle continues to endure, with nomads from Azad Kashmir seeking refuge in Punjab during the winter months and returning to the mountainous regions when the weather improves. Shounter Pass acts as a vital link, offering a temporary haven for these communities as they graze their livestock and prepare for their onward journey.

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