Famous TikTok Start Dolly’s Bank Account Frozen


The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has taken decisive action against renowned TikToker Nosheen Syed, popularly known as Dolly, by freezing her bank account in an effort to recover an outstanding tax amount of Rs.16 million.

Despite multiple notices and reminders from the authority, Dolly failed to fulfill her tax obligations, which led to this stern measure.

To date, the PRA has successfully recovered Rs4.4 million from the outstanding sum of Rs.16 million by freezing her bank account. The authority, however, has not ruled out the possibility of resorting to additional measures to recover the remaining tax amount from the defaulter, including property seizures and freezing of other accounts.


Dolly found herself in this predicament due to her failure to pay income tax dues related to her beauty salon. The PRA issued several notices to remind her of the pending tax payment, but despite these notifications, she did not comply with the tax regulations.

In a statement, the Punjab Revenue Authority defended their decision to freeze Dolly’s bank account, emphasizing that it was a necessary and last-resort step after exhausting all other avenues to bring the TikToker into compliance.

They stated that their repeated attempts to secure the payment of outstanding taxes went unanswered, leaving them with no alternative but to take the stringent action of freezing her bank account.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to tax regulations and fulfilling one’s financial responsibilities. The PRA’s actions are a demonstration of their commitment to ensuring tax compliance and the equitable distribution of public resources.

Dolly, who boasts a substantial following on social media, has now become a notable case in the ongoing efforts to promote tax transparency and accountability in the region. As the authorities continue to work toward resolving this issue, the consequences of unpaid taxes are made clear, serving as a lesson for others who may be tempted to neglect their tax obligations.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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