Haider Ali Qualifies for Paris 2024 with Gold Win


Haider Ali, the exceptional para-athlete from Pakistan, achieved a significant feat at the ongoing Asian Para Games in China.

Haider not only win a gold medal in the Discus Throw event but also earned his place in the prestigious Paris 2024 Paralympics by exceeding the required minimum distance of 39 meters with all his throws.

Haider Ali’s performance in the Discus Throw event was nothing short of extraordinary, with a throw measuring an impressive 51.23 meters. Japan’s Yamato Shimbo clinched the silver medal, while China’s Zhang Xuelong claimed the bronze.

Haider Ali’s achievements extend well beyond the recent victory in China. He imprinted his name in the histories of sporting history by securing Pakistan’s first-ever gold medal in Discus Throw at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, a momentous feat that earned him recognition and respect on a global scale.

However, Haider’s versatility in para-athletics is equally noteworthy. In addition to his remarkable success in Discus Throw, he has previously secured a silver and bronze medal in the Long Jump event at the 2008 and 2016 Paralympics, demonstrating his proficiency across various disciplines.

As one of Pakistan’s most outstanding para-athletes, Haider Ali has accumulated a total of six medals in various events at the Asian Para Games. His accolades include outstanding performances in Javelin Throw, Discus Throw, the 100m sprint, and Long Jump. Haider’s dedication, skill, and unwavering spirit continue to inspire not only his fellow athletes but also fans and supporters across the nation.

Haider Ali’s journey exemplifies the heights that can be achieved with determination and passion, and his qualification for the Paris 2024 Paralympics further cements his status as a true sporting icon in Pakistan and beyond. His remarkable achievements stand as a testament to the boundless potential of para-athletes and the power of perseverance in the face of challenges.


Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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