Indian Government Commits to Rescuing Ex-Navy Personnel Sentenced to Death in Qatar


Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India’s Foreign Minister, affirmed his commitment to securing the release of eight detained Indians in Qatar.

He met with the families of the imprisoned individuals and assured them that the government considers their case of utmost importance.

According to reports in the Indian media, the detained individuals, including former high-ranking officers and decorated captains who had once commanded warships, were arrested in Doha in August 2022.

Taking to social media, Jaishankar expressed his solidarity with the families and acknowledged their concerns and anguish. He also reiterated the government’s unwavering dedication to pursuing all available avenues to secure the release of the detainees.

Qatar has maintained silence on the case, and the nature of the charges against the detained individuals remains undisclosed.

India’s Navy Chief, Admiral R. Hari Kumar, addressed reporters on Monday, emphasizing that the government is sparing no effort in its endeavors to secure relief for its personnel.


Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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