Iqrar ul Hassan Third Married News Goes Viral on social media


The rumor is abuzz with assumptions about the famous Pakistani television presenter, Iqrar ul Hassan, and a potential third marriage with a media personality.

Iqrar ul Hassan, known for his career as a newscaster and later as a crime show reporter on “Sar e Aam,” has often found himself in the limelight not only for his professional accomplishments but also for his personal life.

Iqrar’s journey into matrimony began in 2006 when he tied the knot with his first wife, Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar. The couple shares a son named Pehlaaj Hassan. Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, a former news anchor, has since shifted her focus to a teaching career while raising their child.

In 2012, Iqrar ul Hassan entered into his second marriage, this time with Farah Iqrar. Interestingly, this marriage remained hidden from the public eye for five years. When the news eventually emerged, Iqrar clarified that he had not been hiding anything, as his family and friends were aware of his second marital commitment. Farah, his second wife, continues to actively host various shows and remains a prominent figure in the media industry.


Notably, Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar did not raise objections to her husband’s second marriage. In a recent interview, Farah expressed her willingness to accept a potential third marriage by Iqrar, emphasizing an understanding and harmonious dynamic between them.

The latest round of rumors centers around Iqrar ul Hassan’s supposed third marriage with a fellow media personality. Social media platforms, particularly Twitter, have been flooded with gossips and discussion. The assumed third wife of Iqrar ul Hassan is reportedly followed by Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar on Instagram, and images of her spending time with Iqrar’s family have surfaced online.

In an effort to verify these rumors, attempts were made to reach out to Iqrar ul Hassan for confirmation. However, he could not be reached, and no official statements have been made regarding the suspected third marriage. Consequently, the name of his rumored third wife is being withheld until any confirmation or official announcement is made by the parties involved.

As the Pakistani public awaits clarity on this matter, the rumor mill continues to churn, and social media remains a buzz with discussions and estimation surrounding Iqrar ul Hassan’s personal life.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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