Khadijah Shah Granted Bail in Two May 9 2023 Incidents Cases in pakistan


The Lahore High Court has granted bail to famous fashion designer and PTI activist Khadijah Shah in two significant cases related to vandalism and torching that occurred on May 9.

These cases involved incidents at the Lahore Corps Commander House and the Askari Tower in Gulberg.

The decision to grant bail was made by a two-member bench of the Lahore High Court, with Justice Alia Neelam presiding over the proceedings.

The charges of torching and vandalism were filed against Khadijah Shah at Sarwar Road and Gulberg police stations. The court had been considering the bail applications of Khadijah Shah and several other suspects in these cases, including Usman Sharif, Muhammad Shahbaz, Suleiman Qadri, and Arbaaz.

On Tuesday, a separate anti-terrorism court in Lahore had also extended the judicial remand of Khadijah Shah and other individuals who were arrested in connection with the Corps Commander House arson case. The extension was granted until October 31, and the case was presided over by Judge Abhar Gul.

During the hearing, the police presented Khadijah Shah and the other suspects before the court after the completion of their initial judicial remand. The police requested an extension of the remand, which was accepted by the court. As a result, the judicial remand for Khadijah Shah, Alia Hamza, and the other suspects was extended until October 31.

It’s worth noting that the Sarwar Road police had registered a case against the suspects in these incidents.

Furthermore, the court also decided to send Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed to jail on judicial remand in connection with the Shadman police station arson case. The proceedings related to this case were suspended until October 31. The police had presented both individuals before the court following a five-day physical remand.

Khadijah Shah’s bail in the two May 9 incidents cases represents a significant legal development, and it will be interesting to follow the further developments and proceedings in these cases as they progress.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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