Mahira Khan in Drama Serial “Razia” Impress the Audience


The drama serial Razia has concluded its final episode, and the audience is captivated by the remarkable ending and the stellar performances of the cast.

Razia tells the life story of a young girl named Razia who faces mistreatment from her parents and society solely because she is a girl.

The last episode of this mini-series was broadcast on Express TV, leaving the audience in awe of the drama’s brilliant storyline.


Social media users particularly enjoyed Mahira Khan’s narration throughout the drama and were impressed by the acting skills of the entire cast. In the concluding episode, they admired Razia’s flexibility and the satisfaction of watching her confront her ex-husband and brother with Strong determination.

The audience was captivated by the performances of the entire cast, which included talents like Momal Sheikh and Shaheera Jalil. They celebrated the flawless acting, the writers, directors, the production team, and everyone involved in bringing Razia to life.

The series show off a collaborative cast featuring Mahira Khan, Momal Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Parveen Akbar, Kausar Siddiqui, Shaheera Jalil Al Basit, Kaleem Ghori, Arman, Kashif Hussain, M. Saqib Rajput, Shahzad Mallick, Akbar Islam, Daniya Kanwal, Samina Nazeer, Abeer Naeem, Fajr Sheikh, Esha Usman, Abrish, Aiza Khan, Umm e Laila, Ali Hur, Shayan, Abdullah, Hashir, Minsa Salman, Meryam Zehra, and Fatima Imtiaz.

Razia has not only entertained but also touched the hearts of its viewers, leaving a lasting impression with its compelling storyline and exceptional performances.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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