Otis Khan Hopeful About Returning to the Pakistan National Team


Pakistan’s talented winger, Otis Khan, remains hopeful about rejoining the Pakistan national football team, despite missing out on the World Cup qualifiers against Cambodia earlier this month in a surprising turn of events.

Khan, who had been eagerly ready for the crucial match, received the news of his ineligibility just two hours before the first leg of the qualifying match was set to kick off.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Otis Khan expressed his optimism, saying, “I’m sure it will be resolved. The conversation has been positive. Things are looking well at the moment. I’ve got a Pakistani passport and an identity card.”

He further explained, “FIFA needs to get a few more letters and documents from the Pakistani government, and I’m sure it’ll be resolved.”

Otis Khan had previously made his debut for the Pakistan national team against Mauritius and had represented the nation in six international matches. However, a question regarding his eligibility suddenly arose, leading to his exclusion from the Cambodia match.


The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has come to Khan’s support and advocated for his case. This action from the PFF comes in response to Khan’s absence in the Cambodia match, a match that ended in a historic victory for Pakistan. This victory propelled the Pakistan national team into a group with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Tajikistan in the second round of the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers.

Otis Khan’s potential return to the Pakistan national team is eagerly anticipated by fans and supporters of Pakistani football. His situation serves as a reminder of the intricacies and challenges that can arise in the world of international sports eligibility. The resolution of this matter will undoubtedly impact the future of Khan’s international football career and Pakistan’s quest for success in the global arena.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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