Israel Hamas war: Pakistan has Zero Interest to send Armed force to Gaza


Office Representative Mumtaz Zahra Baloch repeated Pakistan’s immovable obligation to supporting the Palestinian reason and explained Pakistan has zero desire to send troops to Palestine.

She said Pakistan has zero desire to send troops to Palestine in the midst of the continuous conflict among Hamas and Israel.

FO representative communicated grave worries about the continuous philanthropic emergency encroached by Israel in Gaza.

“Pakistan will keep on supporting Palestinians’ all in all correct to self-assurance,” adding that, in Association of Islamic Collaboration (OIC) meeting, Pakistan declared a steadfast position on the Gaza emergency, solidly upholding for the privileges and pride of the Palestinian public.

She featured supervisor unfamiliar pastor had critical conversations with their Saudi partner during a discretionary visit to Saudi Arabia.


The discussions rotated around the squeezing matter of Gaza, as Pakistan tries to fabricate territorial agreement for a serene goal.

“Pakistan wants harmony in the Center East,” the representative pushed, reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to advancing dependability and agreement in the locale.


The FO representative required a quick end to the Israeli barrage in Gaza and the lifting of limitations that have choked the locale.

To guarantee the proficient conveyance of help, Pakistan’s help to Palestine will be steered through Egypt. This significant 100-ton help bundle incorporates drugs, food, tents, and translators to address the quick requirements of the impacted populace.


“This multitude of help products from Egypt will be speedily conveyed to the predetermined spots in Palestine,” the representative affirmed, stressing Pakistan’s obligation to remaining with the Palestinian nation in their period of scarcity.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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