United Arab Emirates Officially Discontinues Three-Month Visit Visas


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made a significant change to its visa policy, officially discontinuing the issuance of three-month visit visas. This update was reported by Khaleej Times, a well-known news source in the region.

With this development, individuals planning to visit the UAE now have the option of obtaining 30- or 60-day entry permits, and these permits can be facilitated through travel agencies.

Travel agents have confirmed and acknowledged this change in the visa policy. They have noted that the option to apply for a three-month visit visa is no longer available through their portal for permit issuance.

The three-month visit visa was initially suspended during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, at which point a 60-day alternative was introduced as a measure to control the spread of the virus. This change was part of a broader effort to manage the movement of individuals in and out of the UAE during the pandemic.


However, in May, the UAE briefly reintroduced the three-month visit visa scheme, this time positioning it as a leisure visa for tourists and visitors looking to spend an extended period in the country.

It’s worth noting that while the UAE has discontinued the three-month visit visa for general tourists, Dubai continues to issue 90-day visas to first-degree relatives of residents. This means that residents of Dubai can still bring their parents or close relatives into the emirate on the three-month visit visa scheme, ensuring that family connections remain strong even with the changes in the country’s visa policies. This provision underlines the UAE’s commitment to facilitating family reunions and maintaining the cohesion of resident communities.

As the UAE adapts its visa policies to various factors, including global events and the ongoing management of the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers and residents are advised to stay updated on the latest developments to ensure their travel plans align with the most current regulations.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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