Ushna Shah Calls for McDonald’s Ban During Ongoing Gaza Crisis


In the midst of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, actress Ushna Shah has taken a strong stance by calling for a boycott of McDonald’s, the international fast food giant. Her call to action comes as McDonald’s continues to provide free meals to Israeli soldiers while the conflict in Gaza results in extensive airstrikes and civilian casualties.

Ushna Shah expressed her deep concern after witnessing a viral video showing Israeli soldiers filming mukbang-style videos while Palestine endures devastating bombings, resulting in the loss of innocent lives. In response, she voiced her outrage on Twitter, stating:

“I swear to God if I see anyone touch #McDonalds or have it anywhere near me I’m going to rage. Keep it the hell off my sets & if you choose to eat it or endorse it stay the hell away from me, & be prepared for an earful. And for Muslims, consider it as Haram as pork.”

In a subsequent tweet, Ushna Shah provided the rationale behind her call for a McDonald’s boycott. She underscored that McDonald’s is a U.S.-based franchise, and the fees paid to the franchise contribute to the U.S. economy. She argued that McDonald’s unambiguously supports the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by supplying approximately 4,000 meals daily to IDF soldiers, who are currently engaged in military operations in Gaza.


She elaborated on her point, emphasizing that this boycott extends beyond symbolic gestures, stating, “This isn’t about their Mc Chicken wrapper turning into an Israeli flag. If Pakistan were at war, McDonald’s Pakistan would never receive permission from the franchise to provide daily meals to thousands of soldiers. Such an act would be seen as military assistance.”

Ushna Shah’s call for the boycott reflects her concern over the broader implications of corporate support in times of conflict, highlighting the need for conscientious consumer choices during such critical situations.


Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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