What Happened When Asim Azhar Heard Hania Amir’s Name


Pakistani singer and songwriter Asim Azhar found himself in a tense situation during a recent literary festival held in Karachi when the audience began chanting the name of his former partner, Hania Amir.

Rumors surrounding Asim Azhar’s romantic involvement with actress Hania Amir had circulated in 2019, although she clarified their relationship in 2020 by asserting that they were just friends. Since then, fans have frequently chanted Hania Amir’s name at Asim Azhar’s live performances.

Asim Azhar is currently engaged to actress Merub Ali, with their engagement taking place in March 2022.

What Occurred?

At an event hosted at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) campus in Karachi, Asim Azhar was sharing the stage with actor Yasir Hussain. Some members of the audience seized the opportunity to playfully tease the singer about his past relationship with Hania Amir.

In an effort to defuse the situation and ensure the continuity of the planned concert after the discussion session, host Yasir Hussain intervened, requesting the crowd to desist from their chants.

However, Asim Azhar chose to take matters into his own hands, responding with frustration. He pointed towards those participating in the chanting and exclaimed, “Kia Hogya Beta? IBA hi aye ho na ya pagal khanay?” [What happened, my friend? Have you come to IBA or a madhouse?


Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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