Why Shahid Afridi Chose Shaheen for his daughter as a Life Partner


Former Pakistani cricket captain, Shahid Afridi, has recently shed light on the decision to have his daughter, Ansha Afridi, wed Shaheen Afridi, a prominent left-arm pacer in the Pakistan cricket team.

The couple’s private wedding ceremony took place in September 2023 and was attended by several national team players, making it a notable event in the cricketing identity.

Afridi revealed that the two families had been in communication regarding this union for a significant period.


He emphasized the importance of being a good human being and highlighted Shahid Afridi character, describing him as a wonderful person. Despite not having a personal acquaintance with Shaheen, Afridi placed significant weight on the feedback he received from those who had played domestic cricket with him, praising his attitude and maturity as key factors in the decision.

When asked about his potential involvement in the entertainment industry, particularly acting in movies, Afridi disclosed that he had received several offers, including some from India.

However, he indicated that he never seriously considered these offers. Shahid Afridi’s identity has always been closely associated with cricket, and his foray into the entertainment world was limited to appearing in TV commercials.

It’s important to note that the union of Shaheen and Ansha had taken place in February of the same year in a simple and humble ceremony at a local mosque in Karachi.

The wedding was attended by close relatives from both families, signifying a celebration of their love and union within the confines of tradition and simplicity.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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