Petrol and Diesel Prices in Pakistan After December 15


The caretaker federal government in Pakistan is prepared to provide relief to the masses during the upcoming fortnightly review of petrol and diesel prices.

Reports indicate a substantial decrease of $5.49 per barrel in international petrol prices, prompting expectations of a significant reduction in petrol and diesel prices domestically.

International trends suggest a notable downward trajectory in petrol prices, and as a result, the Pakistani government is likely to implement a reduction of Rs13 per litre in petrol prices.

Furthermore, the diesel prices are expected to witness a decline of Rs15 per litre. This move comes in response to public demand for a cut in petroleum prices, aligning with the decreasing global oil market rates.

Despite a previous decision to keep petrol and diesel prices unchanged for the first fortnight of December 2023, the current international scenario has prompted a reevaluation by the authorities.

As of now, the prevailing petrol price in Pakistan stands at Rs281.34 per litre, while diesel is being sold for Rs289.79 per litre. With the expected adjustments from December 16, 2023, the new rates are projected to be Rs268.34 per litre for petrol and Rs274.79 per litre for diesel.

This potential reduction in fuel prices is welcome news for consumers, offering financial relief and positively impacting various sectors of the economy.

It reflects the government’s responsiveness to global market dynamics and the commitment to easing the burden on the public amid economic challenges.

As the caretaker government prepares to announce the revised prices, citizens eagerly await confirmation of these expected reductions, which could contribute to a more affordable and stable cost of living in Pakistan.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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