Must Know IT Leaders in Pakistan


Pakistan’s IT industry has been on a remarkable growth track, driven by a combination of factors such as strong human capital, cost competitiveness, and government initiatives aimed at fostering the sector’s development.

This flourishing ecosystem has given rise to a new generation of tech leaders who are making significant contributions to the industry.

Here, we introduce you to some of the most influential figures in Pakistan’s IT landscape.

  1. Jehan Ara | Founder & President, P@SHA


Jehan Ara’s leadership as the Founder and President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) has been pivotal in nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration within the industry.

She has played a vital role in establishing incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces, creating a supportive environment for tech startups to flourish.

  1. Salim Ghauri | CEO, Netsol Technologies


Often referred to as the ‘Bill Gates of Pakistan,’ Salim Ghauri is the visionary founder of Netsol Technologies. His entrepreneurial journey began in 1995, and he successfully positioned Netsol as a global leader in software solutions and IT services.

His strategic insights and commitment to excellence have driven Netsol’s international growth.

  1. Asif Peer | CEO, Systems Limited


Asif Peer, as the CEO of Systems Limited, has been a driving force behind digital transformation and innovation in Pakistan’s IT industry.

His ability to anticipate market trends and deliver cutting-edge solutions has made Systems Limited a trusted partner for global clients, earning him accolades like the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award.

  1. Burhan Mirza | Angel Investor & Growth Consulta


Burhan Mirza’s dynamic leadership and profound understanding of the IT industry have steered multiple tech startups to success.

His strategic vision and commitment to innovation have made him a sought-after growth consultant and mentor for various tech companies.

  1. Monis Rahman | Founder & CEO,


Monis Rahman is known for revolutionizing Pakistan’s online job market through


His innovative solutions have not only provided employment opportunities but also contributed to the growth of Pakistan’s economy. He is actively involved in organizations promoting entrepreneurship and socioeconomic development.

These visionary leaders, among others, are instrumental in shaping Pakistan’s IT industry, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities for growth. Their commitment to excellence and their contribution to the nation’s economic development are testaments to the potential of Pakistan’s IT sector on the global stage.

Ammara Ahmed

Ammara Ahmed

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